8 Surprising Modern Red Evening Gowns

If you think that red evening gowns are too traditional, you’d be surprised! Here, you’d find 8 modern red evening gowns you might have never imagined before. And they’re going to charm your wedding guests (and grooms).

Modern Red Evening Gowns – #1 The Disney Princess

What would you get when you combine Cinderella and Snow White? This red evening gown is the perfect blend of the two – the kind and capable queen Cinderella, and the elegant Snow White. This type of modern red evening gowns plays with contrasting fabric types, making it unique and a sure head-turner. While A-line tulle creates a soft look, the elaborate beadwork in the corset contradicts the softness by giving definition and character.

Modern Red Evening Gowns – #2 The Romantic

Here’s to our sweet brides! The sweetheart neckline immediately speaks of your gentle personality, while accentuating your bust area – giving you more shape. The shiny trimmings in the fabric underneath is a reminder of the sparkles in the ocean waves as the sun sets over the horizon. Instead of muting the colours, the sheer lining draws more attention to the trimmings underneath to give you a subtle allure.

Modern Red Evening Gowns – #3 The Spanish Dancer

Are you a feisty lady, with a passion and personality that’s quite uncontainable? This flaming red number is for you! Not only that, this red evening gown also boasts a mermaid cut that shows off your figure. The flare at the bottom then adds a playful touch to your evening gown. You can start imagining yourself Spanish-dancing down the aisle!

These types of red evening gowns are perfect for bringing out the illusion of an hourglass figure, while allowing easy movement and more comfort with the bold flare at the bottom.

Modern Red Evening Gowns – #4 The Oriental Girl

Modern red evening gowns like this one are good for brides who prefer a contemporary design, but still want to remain rooted in their traditions. The floral embroidery helps to add volume to your evening gown, giving it a more dimensional look. It’s also inspired by spring blossoms, adding an oriental touch to it.

Another interesting part of this red evening gown is the tulle fabric that extends out from your tube top into an off-shoulder design. It certainly envelops around your bust area, giving it more shape and volume. It also complements the defined floral embroidery with a softer fabric type.

Modern Red Evening Gowns – #5 The Sexy Diva

Choosing modern red evening gowns that suit your body type is important! If you’ve got wider hips, an A-line cut like the one in this evening gown is perfect. This evening gown draws particular attention to your slender arms with the clean sleeveless top and deep V-neck. If you’re looking at balancing out a heavier upper body, here’s a number that perfect for you.

Modern Red Evening Gowns – #6 The Garden Princess

This red evening gown is a charming reminder of red roses we see on Valentine’s Day. It’s vibrant but not glaring, loud but not jarring. Moreover, the lace stitchings resembles the weaving vines in the garden.

Modern Red Evening Gowns – #7 The Royalty

Daydreaming of a modern day royal wedding? This red evening gown boasts a velvet texture and red beaded trimmings at your neckline. It presents an elegance by accentuating your figure with the faux V-neckline, thick velvet material and thin fabric waist belt – without muting your femininity.

Modern Red Evening Gowns – #8 The Bold Lady

Ready to challenge boundaries? This red evening gown has the contemporary look of New York high fashion and the traditional look of an U-shaped neckline with sweet short sleeves.

The poofy tulle at the sides produces the A-line structure, but that’s only the tip of this evening gown design! The satin inner fabric peeks through and draws your wedding guests in. The fabric type also hugs your shape more cleanly and gives the look more weight.

See, there’s a variety of modern red evening gowns for you to pick and choose from. Select one that carries the fun and playful side of you, or another that brings out the flirty and alluring side of you.

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