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Are you eyeing on our wedding gowns and services? Let us be your fairy godmother and make your fairytale dress dreams come true. You will be spoilt for choice with our 4 STOREYS of gown and suit collection.

Good news for all of you as we are having an in store PROMOTION! We are having a bridal sale where beautiful gowns packages are discounted at affordable prices.

RSVP by booking an appointment via this link and enter “octsale” under the comments section.

*Offer is ends 20 October 2019. By appointment only.


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Post-CNY Vibes: How To Look Stunning In The New Cheongsam Collection

The new Cheongsam collection is the unprecedented blend of tradition and contemporary, boldness and femininity, vibrance and gentleness. If you’re looking to challenge tradition while honouring your roots, this Cheongsam collection would blow you away! Cheongsam Collection - #1 Vibrant Red With Blossoms A Cheongsam is typically worn for festivity and celebration. This vibrant red number signifies passion and strength....
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5 Pro’s Casual Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

Does it ever feel that the casual pre wedding shoot ideas are repeated? How can you add more flavour into your wedding photo book? Check out these 5 pro casual pre wedding shoot ideas! Casual Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas #1 - Choose White White is a versatile colour to work with. When paired with denim, it brings out the fun-loving...
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Digio Bridal Latest Gown Collection: Cherry Blossom

Japan has a special charm of its own - the soft pink cherry blossoms drizzling down the sky and intricate embroidery on the sweet kimono are glorious in their own ways. Now, you get to embrace wedding gowns inspired by the soft pink florals. With it, you bring the picturesque beauty of the cherry blossom season right into your wedding...
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Top 6 Simple Classic Wedding Gowns For The Modern Bride

There are still brides who love intricate weavings and elaborate designs for their wedding gowns. However, more brides are looking for simple classic wedding gowns with designs that speak of the cosmopolitan lady you are. If you’re the kind of bride who would opt for a sleek, clean cut design, here are the top six simple classic wedding gowns that...
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8 Surprising Modern Red Evening Gowns

If you think that red evening gowns are too traditional, you’d be surprised! Here, you’d find 8 modern red evening gowns you might have never imagined before. And they’re going to charm your wedding guests (and grooms). Modern Red Evening Gowns - #1 The Disney Princess What would you get when you combine Cinderella and Snow White? This red evening...
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Top 10 Unusual Wedding Gowns For The Modern Bride

Your wedding gown is how you make a statement. Whether you’re fun or flirty, the look and feel of the wedding gown can speak volumes about you. How about not going for the typical white gowns and opting for unusual wedding gowns that can truly make a statement? Here are the top 10 unusual wedding gowns for the modern bride!...
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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown (10 Details To Look Out For!)

Congratulations, gorgeous! Your big day is almost here and you want to find the perfect wedding gown. Plus, you deserve to look and beautiful. Here are 10 details that you can look out for! (they’re insider’s tips *wink*) How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown - Detail #1 Neckline Your wedding gown neckline, when chosen carefully, can pull your look...
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Sea Of Love: Insider’s Look At The Latest Beach-Themed Wedding Gown Collection

Imagine a romantic beach-themed wedding along the coastline. A cosy wedding with just your loved ones. A place where you’re accompanied by the soft crashings of waves and sweet caress of sea breeze. Too good to be true? That’s Montigo Resorts, Nongsa for you. Located in Batam, Indonesia, Montigo Resorts, Nongsa is a luxury resort that marries the beach holiday...
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