Evening Gown Rental Singapore

Get Stunningly Sophisticated Look

Get draped in stylish evening gowns without hefty investments. If you want to be the show stopper of the evening ball, Digio is the right place. Do stop by our boutique and go through our evening gowns collection off the rack. You can opt for our evening gown rental Singapore service and return the gown after the event. Whether you plan to be the heart of the party or slay the crowd, our New Cheongsam gowns collection, winter-themed gown, red evening gowns, or the freshly designed The Ice Queen evening gowns collection is ready for you. You can choose accordingly through our wide variety of other affordable evening gowns too.

We Design Rarest of All!

Digio designs evening gown Singapore on themed designer collection. You can even get the gowns according to the theme of your party. It can be wedding after-party or a simple family get together, yet at Digio, we make sure that your evening becomes memorable with our party gown. Our in-house seamstress will work to ensure a right-fit dress for you. You can even get matching accessories to complete the look.

Post-CNY Vibes: How To Look Stunning In The New Cheongsam Collection

The new Cheongsam collection is the unprecedented blend of tradition and contemporary, boldness and femininity, vibrance and gentleness. If you’re looking to challenge tradition while honouring your roots, this Cheongsam collection would blow you away! Cheongsam Collection - #1 Vibrant Red With Blossoms A Cheongsam is typically worn for festivity and celebration. This vibrant red number signifies passion and strength....
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8 Surprising Modern Red Evening Gowns

If you think that red evening gowns are too traditional, you’d be surprised! Here, you’d find 8 modern red evening gowns you might have never imagined before. And they’re going to charm your wedding guests (and grooms). Modern Red Evening Gowns - #1 The Disney Princess What would you get when you combine Cinderella and Snow White? This red evening...
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Brides’ Edition: How To Look Your Best In Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns

The Ice Queen is one of Digio Bridal’s wedding gown collection. It’s inspired by the bliss and beauty of the winter season. As wedding (and Christmas!) season approaches, we invited five digio brides to model in our winter-themed wedding gowns.  One of our digio brides, Joyce, captivates the guests with the deep backline in this bridal gown. The plunging backline exudes boldness and the adorned jewels...
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Freshly Released Winter-Themed Evening Gowns Collection: The Ice Queen

Dark Blue Hues of our Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns Collection: The Ice Queen If you’re thinking that our winter-themed wedding gowns collection only has got the sweet and dandy colours, here are the wedding gowns for brides who prefer darker colours. Princess gone wild… our designers intentionally put together the off-shoulder cut, sweetheart neckline and tulle bottom to get the sweet...
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