How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown (10 Details To Look Out For!)

Congratulations, gorgeous! Your big day is almost here and you want to find the perfect wedding gown.

Plus, you deserve to look and beautiful. Here are 10 details that you can look out for! (they’re insider’s tips *wink*)

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #1 Neckline

Your wedding gown neckline, when chosen carefully, can pull your look together. A sweetheart neckline is one that perfectly wraps your bust area. Whether you’re more endowed or not, this neckline is sure to show off your curves.  Below is a wedding gown that has a mesh lining, offering extra protective with this sweetheart neckline.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #2 Sleeves

How can you show off those sexy shoulders? Some designs like a halter neck or an off-shoulder can give your shoulders more attention. Otherwise, sleeveless designs like the boat neckline can redirect the focus to your neck instead.


How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #3 Fabric Type

Fabric gives your wedding gown texture, shape and style. For our playful brides, a tulle skirt would show off your fun personality. For our elegant brides, satin would give your gown more weight and allow you to carry a more classy look.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #4 Design On Gown

Are you more of a lace lady or a glitter girl? The design on the gown creates the overall mood and is an important detail to look out for (especially if you want your wedding gown to match your wedding theme). For example, glitter speckled across the wedding gown is reminder of constellations in the night sky. That’s perfect for a wedding theme involving fairy lights!

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #5 Waistline

Your perfect wedding gown would be generous at certain areas and tighten in the most flattering ways. What’s sexier than a wedding gown that shows off your waistline? Look out for how the wedding gown narrows at the waist or draws attention to it. Those with embellishments at the waist area or a deep V that cuts right to the waist are perfect for that!

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #6 Gown Type

Apart from the waist line, the gown type would also shape your overall look. For example, a ball gown would balloon from the waist gown and give you a grander feel. On the other hand, a mermaid cut follows your body shape and shows off your contours, giving you a more flirtatious vibe.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #7 Colour

Evening gowns come in many colours. That’s where you get creative and choose one that screams you! There’s the traditional red colour, paired with an off-shoulder and lace cutting to give you a modern twist. Or the edgier navy colour, with gold trimmings to soften its darkness.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #8 Length

That’s a common detail brides miss out. An ankle-length wedding gown gives a 1950s vintage vibe. Imagine that with a boat neckline – that’s definitely a bride here to make a statement! Then, we have the short tulle skirts. That’s suitable for our fun, flirty brides or those hosting a garden-themed wedding.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #9 Train

Like your ball type, the train of your wedding gown helps to create the level of grandness that you’d like. As a quick rule of thumb, most brides opt for a long train for a church wedding or a wedding in a hotel ballroom with high ceiling.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown – Detail #10 Comfort

Depending on your wedding programme, you’d want to find a wedding gown that you can move most comfortably in. If you’re planning to sashay into the ballroom with your hubby, get a wedding gown with more flare!

Remember first that you’re beautiful in your own way! Finding your perfect wedding gown is about making the gown work for you. With these 10 details to look out for, you’re sure to look and feel your best.

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