Freshly Released Winter-Themed Evening Gowns Collection: The Ice Queen

Dark Blue Hues of our Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns Collection: The Ice Queen

If you’re thinking that our winter-themed wedding gowns collection only has got the sweet and dandy colours, here are the wedding gowns for brides who prefer darker colours.

Princess gone wild… our designers intentionally put together the off-shoulder cut, sweetheart neckline and tulle bottom to get the sweet and the sexy vibe.


The crowns of your neckline – literally, with the blue glittery beads woven into the dress at your neckline and waist, you’re adorning your figure with the right dress.

This one is for those with a fancy for Japanese patterns. The gown looks like an orgami of florals.

Sashay and shimmer… you’ve got to see this live. It’s practically a dance of stars.

What a darling off-shoulder design!

We’ve got a variation to your off-shoulder dress. The nude mesh lining the top gives you a deeper cut with more decency. At your A-line, we’ve got a galaxy of stars.

This gown has interlocking lines with beaded embellishment and brings us into the intertwining branches in nature.

Dress yourself in the night sky…The glitter blanketed across the gown looks like stars dancing in the night when you do your march in.

Light Blue Hues of our Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns Collection: The Ice Queen

If you’re into sexy patterns, here’s one. Glittered lines stretch from top to bottom, giving you a flattering figure.

Another patterned one from our winter-themed wedding gowns collection is this one with a criss-cross pattern. If you’re shy about the plunging neckline, we’ve got you covered – literally, with the nude sleeveless top!

Tulle makes my wedding gown fancy. Don’t you feel like sashaying in it?

Are you a princess or are you a princess? The crop fur outerwear gives off an elegance and playfulness that’s not unlike a princess in a fairytale.

Silver Hues of our Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns Collection: The Ice Queen

A hundred thousand stars dancing across the sky… as you march in or sway in your first dance, these sparkles are going to light up the room.

This one from our winter-themed wedding gowns collection demands attention. With the wrap dress design, thigh-high cut and plunging neckline, the runway is yours. Fret not – we’ve added a nude sheer at the neckline to protect you!

It’s a cheongsam! No, it’s a mermaid! This dress marries the two perfectly to speak to our modern brides. The swirl patterns across the dress not only adds  elegance, it also exudes the uniqueness of snowflakes in winter.

Here’s a wedding gown for brides that dare to be different! With the peek-a-boo neckline and a mermaid cut that accentuates your figure, this  gown is for the bold brides.

Fly, fly away! The bell, off-shoulder sleeves carries us into dreamland.

This one is for the whimsical brides! The three-quarter sleeves with floral lace patterns reminds us of Alice in Wonderland. The white tulle reminds us of Cinderella and the magic in her life. It also adds to the grandness of your  gown.

This one from our winter-themed wedding gowns collection appeals to your softer side. It has a quieter mint shade and carries lace embroidered all over the dress.

Pink Hues of our Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns Collection: The Ice Queen

Winter is beautiful. There isn’t just shades of white and blue. When the sunlight shines onto the blanket of snow, the reflections create shades of red,  pink and golden.

Here, we have a wedding gown that draws on the magnificence of the night sky and the unpredictability of snowflakes. Beautiful and one-of-a-kind

Brides with an inner diva in them, here’s a wedding gown that would surprise your guests with it’s textured fabrics and sexy thigh-high cuts.

We’ve all seen off-shoulder dresses. But this wedding gown is extra playful. With the nude lining at the top of the dress, you get the extra flair without any accidental peek-a-boo.

What’s not to love about this wedding gown? The glittered lines that cut across the gown teases your guests at every turn. From far, it looks like a beautiful cascade of snowfall. Up close, it carries the elegance of a single diamond.

Talk about surprising your guests! This pink hue of our winter-themed wedding gowns breaks tradition with the haltar neck and A-lined glitter gown.

Gold Hues of our Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns Collection: The Ice Queen

Don’t be caught off guard by the patterned beads across the mermaid dress. This dress is a dynamic mix of sexy sweetheart neckline and cute feminine mermaid cut.

Are you ready for this? The bold lines and clean off-shoulder cut show your personality.

Brides who want to break tradition with taste can opt for this golden selection from our winter-themed wedding gowns. It features a reverse round neck with the veiled addition, contrasted with a deep neckline and slightly sheer tail for a sexy touch.

What’s better than scrolling through photos of these winter-themed wedding gowns (which are gorgeous, by the way) would be to view all of them in our digital fashion show. You’d get to see our beautiful models move and show them off. Of course! It’s going to be done in the backdrop of icebergs and snow… really? I’m not missing this one! In the meantime, if you want to know more about our bridal services, book an appointment with us now!


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