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As a Singapore-based leading fashion bridal boutique with a unique eye for modern bridal wear, Digio is a hub of trendy wedding dress Singapore. Couples will be pampered for choices with our array of dress collection to suit different preferences. Our full wedding service provide a fine quality you can count on, from bridal wear selection to make up details, from photoshoot concept to final presentation of the actual day arrangements. We work to radiate couples’ uniqueness and present each special love story in elegance.

Satisfaction is Our Standard

Digio’s team are always dedicated to client satisfaction. We put client as priority and readily going above and beyond for them. As such, Digio’s reliability earned trust from customers who then referred our service to next client. In fact, substantial portion of our clients are referred by past happy clients who attest on our service and product quality. Put your wedding arrangement in Digio’s good hand as we deliver result of magnificent standard for your special day.

Digio Bridal Latest Gown Collection: Cherry Blossom

Japan has a special charm of its own - the soft pink cherry blossoms drizzling down the sky and intricate embroidery on the sweet kimono are glorious in their own ways. Now, you get to embrace wedding gowns inspired by the soft pink florals. With it, you bring the picturesque beauty of the cherry blossom season right into your wedding...
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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown (10 Details To Look Out For!)

Congratulations, gorgeous! Your big day is almost here and you want to find the perfect wedding gown. Plus, you deserve to look and beautiful. Here are 10 details that you can look out for! (they’re insider’s tips *wink*) How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown - Detail #1 Neckline Your wedding gown neckline, when chosen carefully, can pull your look...
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Sea Of Love: Insider’s Look At The Latest Beach-Themed Wedding Gown Collection

Imagine a romantic beach-themed wedding along the coastline. A cosy wedding with just your loved ones. A place where you’re accompanied by the soft crashings of waves and sweet caress of sea breeze. Too good to be true? That’s Montigo Resorts, Nongsa for you. Located in Batam, Indonesia, Montigo Resorts, Nongsa is a luxury resort that marries the beach holiday...
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Brides’ Edition: How To Look Your Best In Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns

The Ice Queen is one of Digio Bridal’s wedding gown collection. It’s inspired by the bliss and beauty of the winter season. As wedding (and Christmas!) season approaches, we invited five digio brides to model in our winter-themed wedding gowns.  One of our digio brides, Joyce, captivates the guests with the deep backline in this bridal gown. The plunging backline exudes boldness and the adorned jewels...
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Freshly Released Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns Collection: The Ice Queen

If you’re a playful, elegant or sweet bride, you’ll like our freshly released winter-themed wedding gown collection. What to love about ‘The Ice Queen’ – our latest in winter-themed wedding gown collection? ‘The Ice Queen’ collection features 46 new winter-themed wedding gowns. These gowns draw on the natural beauty and wonder of winter. A season when snow blankets across the earth. Winter...
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