5 Pro’s Casual Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

Does it ever feel that the casual pre wedding shoot ideas are repeated? How can you add more flavour into your wedding photo book? Check out these 5 pro casual pre wedding shoot ideas!

Casual Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas #1 – Choose White

White is a versatile colour to work with. When paired with denim, it brings out the fun-loving and outdoorsy side of you. When matched with a satin skirt or pants, it gives you a dressier look. This way, you’re able to get casual photos of various styles with just the white top.

Not only that, it also provides a sharp colour to contrast against your background. Whether you’re taking photo in an urban cityscape or in a nature reserve, the stark white colour is going to stand out.


Casual Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas #2 – Wear Matching Colours

Aside from whites, it’s also cute to wear clothes of similar or the same colour palette as your hubby-to-be. Just like wearing couple tees or getting similar shoes, your wedding guests can’t help but gush at how sweet you two look!


Casual Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas #3 – Prepare Props

Moving away from outfit colours, you can also use props! Locking eyes and arms with your hubby-to-be is romantic. But you can also add variety to your casual pre wedding shoot with props.

There are additional plus points for using props as well! While posing for a shot, you might be awkward about where to place your arms. Using props eases you of that trouble. Props of different shapes also create different silhouettes. A wider prop like an umbrella would help to mellow down unwanted curves, giving you a more flattering look.

Casual Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas #4 – Explore Uncommon Places

When choosing pre-wedding photoshoot locations, think about places with interesting colour schemes or setup! For example, if you’re taking a few photos at parks, you might choose to take your casual photos at industrial-looking places. This way, you can changing colours and feel throughout your wedding photobook. It also makes your wedding photo book more interesting to look at! 😉

Casual Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas #5 – Exaggerate Your Personalities

You don’t have to take all your photos with you facing the front! Have fun during the photoshoot. Do you ladies often cuddle up to your hubby? Do you guys shy away from your girl’s teasing? Try to recall how the two of you are like on dates and re-enact that! It’d be enjoyable for both you and your wedding guests to look at.

Remember, your pre wedding shoot is for you to make memories and have lots of fun! Even though it sounds like there’s a lot to think about, know that you can also count on the professional photographer you hired as well.

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