Brides’ Edition: How To Look Your Best In Winter-Themed Wedding Gowns

The Ice Queen is one of Digio Bridal’s wedding gown collection. It’s inspired by the bliss and beauty of the winter season. As wedding (and Christmas!) season approaches, we invited five digio brides to model in our winter-themed wedding gowns. 

One of our digio brides, Joyce, captivates the guests with the deep backline in this bridal gown. The plunging backline exudes boldness and the adorned jewels down her spine brings elegance.  


Joyce is in a soft blue bridal gown, with a nude mesh sewn at the plunging V-neck. This nude mesh is embellished with glitter vines, twisting like the unpredictable nature of winter.  

Inspired by the magic of the winter landscape, Joyce’s bridal gown delights at every turn. The off-shoulder design presents her shoulders in a playful manner. The mermaid cut flatters her hourglass figure. The embellishments along the dress mimics the mysteriousness of winter.  


The sweetheart neckline accentuates Joyce’s figure. Beyond the regular sweetheart neckline, this wedding gown comes with additional trimmings and intricate stitchings to mimic the textures of snow-coated forestry. 

The twistings in her hair pairs off beautifully with the intricate designs in the gown. The entire presentation is topped off with the shimmer in the tulle, which gives her the beauty and allure befitting of royalty.  

Gladys opted for the contemporary bridal gown, which is both bold and captivating. The navy blue bridal gown is adorned with glittered pearl patterns, drawing attention to her upper body. In the meantime, the deep V-neckline is paired with a nude mesh to protect Gladys from unwanted peek-a-boos.  

What do you get when you combine a deep V-neckline with a wrap design and thigh-high slit? You get a bride with character. The softness of Gladys’ ivory skin and demure hairstyle, is contrasted beautifully with her bridal gown. If nothing more, it brings the force of a strong winter into the ballroom.

This white, cascading cape is inspired to show the grandeur of the winter season. Ice cold but alluring, unfathomable but irresistible – it breaks the pattern of a traditional wedding gown and challenges the definition of femininity.

The snow-white flutter radiating throughout the wedding gown that Gladys is wearing makes things interesting. It reminds us of nature, that is creative and undefined.

Here’s a bridal gown that breaks away from tradition. The mermaid cut follows the silhouette of the cheongsam, but the gown is remixed with a thigh-high slit and plunging neckline. The intricate weaving patterns are also a reminder of the traditional cheongsam embroidery, while the light blue tones give the bridal gown a modern look.

Cheryl’s gentle spirit is beautifully expressed in the silver-embossed floral patterns and short sweet sleeves of this wedding gown. Not compromising on her style, the wedding gown also boasts a daring neckline. This marriage of bold elegance speaks of a bride with character.

It’s important for you to choose a wedding gown that complements your skin tone. Cheryl’s ivory skin tone is paired with the cream white colour of this wedding dress, giving her an overall glowy radiance. 

Winter reminds you of the snow-sprinkled landscape. Against the sunlight, the view is nothing short of magic. Here, Alicia’s bridal gown features a tulle with shimmer embedded all over – creating a whimsical, dreamy presence.  

This baby blue bridal gown features a wrap design. Inspired by Korean trends, this wrap style combines the fashionable with the feminine. With her braided hairdo, the bridal gown presents Alicia as a beautiful and strong bride of today.  

Tight at the waist and forgiving at the hips, this bridal gown accentuates your figure. The glittery fabric in the waist area further elongates your silhouette, giving you a slender look.

Charmaine carries this bridal gown beautifully. Apart from giving her a shapely figure, the use of different fabric colours and fabric types also produces a dynamic look.  

The fabric and marbled effect on the bridal gown mimics the class of porcelain, getting Charmaine a classy and demure look. Especially with a lighter skin tone, Charmaine has a glowy radiance instead of a pale look.

Here is a wedding gown that draws attention. It surprises at every turn, with the silver-embossed design across the wedding gown and the playful tulle after the mermaid cut.  


This wedding dress is bold with the colours of winter at the front and it also presents a bold backline. It creates a more elusive, but similarly captivating effect with the backline.  


Like a snowflake, awe-inspiring from a distance and powerfully alluring from up close. From far, it resembles fairylights at Christmas. From up close, this wedding gown teases the guests with intricate lacings along the sides and neat cotton buttons. Her braided hairdo works with her wedding gown with its gentle and playful style.  


Alicia radiates with feminine energy in this wedding gown. The lace-embroidered top retains the flattering curve of the sweetheart neckline and pairs it with a tighter waistline. To embellish her overall look, she is given a textured messy ponytail to align with the intricacies of her wedding gown’s lace designs.

The soft pink colours on Alicia’s tulle wedding gown lifts her into the air of royalty. Her wedding gown is reminisce of Disney-princesses, but breaks pattern with the layered fabric and playful lines. 

The Ice Queen Collection expresses the modern brides, with the contradictions of the winter season. Our five lovely digio brides have carried their personalities and individual styles in their respective wedding gowns. When you choose your wedding gown, find one that exudes the allure and mystery of your femininity.  

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