Post-CNY Vibes: How To Look Stunning In The New Cheongsam Collection

The new Cheongsam collection is the unprecedented blend of tradition and contemporary, boldness and femininity, vibrance and gentleness.

If you’re looking to challenge tradition while honouring your roots, this Cheongsam collection would blow you away!

Cheongsam Collection – #1 Vibrant Red With Blossoms

A Cheongsam is typically worn for festivity and celebration. This vibrant red number signifies passion and strength. Not only that, there are blossoms of embroidery curving around your neckline, waist and thigh-high slit. These intricate designs accentuate your figure and bring out the feminine beauty behind the strength.

Cheongsam Collection – #2 Daring Contrasts

A hallmark of the cheongsam collection would be vibrant colours. This cheongsam takes it a step further with sharp contrast in colours. The strong maroon and pastel pink stands out against the bright blue base. It gives due honour to the celebratory mood of the wedding and of occasions where you don on a cheongsam.

Cheongsam Collection – #3 Sexy Backlines

One thing this regular buttoned arrangement works for you is that it narrows your body and produces a slimming effect. It’s also sure to train your wedding guests’ eyes to your back. All these finishes with soft pastel lace designs at your back line. This further accentuates your waistline and gives you an hourglass silhouette.

Cheongsam Collection – #4 Navy Blue Sparkles

Having buttons studded down your spine isn’t a style for everyone. And that’s okay! This new cheongsam-inspired bridal gown collection includes this navy blue number that has jeweled lace design curving down your back. It’s a more subtle way of drawing attention to and showing off your beautiful back.

Cheongsam Collection – #5 The Slits

A bold slit at the thigh is sure to captivate the attention of your wedding guests! What’s more? It challenges the tradition of being more conservative with your dressing and creates a stunning paradox in this cheongsam-inspired bridal gown.

Cheongsam Collection – #6 Modern Traditional

Here’s a number for the bold and confident brides! The newly released cheongsam collection boasts of halter designs and slimming mermaid cut. This bridal gown is no different.

This bridal gown draws attention to your shaped shoulders and slender arms, and accentuates your curves. The layered fabric at your hips add more dimension. It’s also generous towards the brides who are more endowed at the hip area.

Cheongsam Collection – #7 Snow White

Who says that a cheongsam collection has to feature only vibrant red colours? This cheongsam boasts a bold back V-line with feminine touches of intricate beadwork. As the mermaid skirt cascades down your hips, you see luscious soft blue fabric unfolding against one another. This number is a sure way to lure your wedding guests into the details of your gown.

Cheongsam Collection – #8 Pastel Hues


What’s not to love about the modern cheongsam collection? Especially with this pastel blue bridal gown, with its floral embroidery. The intricacies in the embroidery ups your elegance as you walk down the aisle. It also gives due honour to the traditional art of Chinese embroidery.

So if you’re looking for something that is modern and bold, yet honouring the traditions, look no further. The freshly released Cheongsam-inspired bridal gown collection is for you!

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