Digio Bridal Latest Gown Collection: Cherry Blossom

Japan has a special charm of its own – the soft pink cherry blossoms drizzling down the sky and intricate embroidery on the sweet kimono are glorious in their own ways.

Now, you get to embrace wedding gowns inspired by the soft pink florals. With it, you bring the picturesque beauty of the cherry blossom season right into your wedding ballroom.

Here’s the release of Digio’s latest wedding gown collection – Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry Blossom Gown Collection – #1 Bursting Blossoms

Here’s a number that dazzles with the lace detailing that is inspired by Japan’s floral season! You see the blossoms that expands and spreads out from the halter neckline, giving you a fuller image. It also captures the inner joy and hope that you carry as the new wife-to-be!

Cherry Blossom Gown Collection- #2 Brave Barbies

What’s unique about this Japan themed wedding gown collection is the bold features such as this deep back lines and strong lace stitchings. This boldness is quite unlike the demure nature of Kimono ladies. Instead, it brings out the fierce resilience present in Japan’s culture. On the same thread, it shows off the bold go-getter nature of contemporary ladies.

Cherry Blossom Gown Collection- #3 Precious Princess

The endearing look of the sweetheart neckline is a must! Here, the neckline is adorned with small floral cutouts. These cutouts create textures at your bust area without being too loud, giving you a fuller look in a paradoxically subtler manner.

Cherry Blossom Gown Collection- #4 Everyday Elegance

Don’t you just love the attention to detail here? That’s an impressive characteristic of Japanese designs. The simple, everyday items consists of much thought and workmanship. In this number, the baroque lace design keeps your guests turning their heads. At the same time, the pearls adorned down your back holds the look together with elegance.

Cherry Blossom Gown Collection- #5 Versatile Diva

This flowy A-line cut here is accentuated by the different textures – lace and tulle. Both contribute to the lady-like presence that the bride brings into the ballroom. While the design carries an elegance that’s suitable for a banquet wedding, it also features the playful neckline, making this number more versatile.

Cherry Blossom Gown Collection- #6 Dreamy Drizzles

This sweet wedding gown has its own unique beauty. The 3D embellishments mimics the full blossoms of the cherry blossoms season. The soft, sheer fabric used for the off-shoulder reminds us of the lightness in the clouds. Those plus the layered tulle – it’s almost as if the wedding gown transforms the space you’re in into something more dream-like.

There you have it – the luxurious touch of Japan’s natural beauty! This Japan themed wedding gowns collection, Cherry Blossoms, brings you the bursting pink florals of Japan’s cherry blossoms season, with its 3D floral designs and patterned necklines.  It also features the feminine softness in the flowy skirts and ivory colours.

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