Top 10 Unusual Wedding Gowns For The Modern Bride

Your wedding gown is how you make a statement. Whether you’re fun or flirty, the look and feel of the wedding gown can speak volumes about you. How about not going for the typical white gowns and opting for unusual wedding gowns that can truly make a statement?

Here are the top 10 unusual wedding gowns for the modern bride!


Unusual Wedding Gowns – #1 Diva

This wedding gown is a portrait of beauty. Inspired by the undulating waves, the lace design is intricate and sophisticated. The rose gold inner lining and heart-shaped design emanate a colonial feel. That aside, the lace-trimmed halter neck reminds you of the traditional chinese cheongsam. This wedding gown is the perfect depiction of east meets west.

Unusual Wedding Gowns – #2 Royalty

You deserve to feel like royalty on your big day. This wedding gown gives you the perfect blend of sexy and charming. The deep neckline and mermaid cut accentuates your figure. The cape running down your back, with the speckled feathers, gives you an extra air of mystery.

Unusual Wedding Gowns – #3 The New Yorker

This wedding gown marries the chicness of New York fashion and elegance of a Disney princess. The knee-length skirt and lace top are modern and playful – and appropriate for your garden-themed wedding! On the other hand, the shimmer across the dress and cascading train make this wedding gown suitable for a ballroom strut.

Unusual Wedding Gowns – #4 Ballerina

Tulles are for the whimsical brides! However, this tulle and its high slit gives dreamy brides an edge. Not only that, the 1950s vintage lace design that stretches from your shoulders to your hips, is contradicted with the 20th-century sexy V-neck. Just like our modern day ladies, you’re rooted in tradition but unafraid to break boundaries.

Unusual Wedding Gowns – #5 Satin Florals

Get ready to make an entrance with this floral statement piece. The blue velvet material gives weight to your evening gown, giving you an effortless air of elegance. Adding the intricate floral lace design highlighting the neckline, you’re sure to draw attention as you walk down the aisle.

Unusual Wedding Gowns – #6 Sexy Back

Tease your wedding guests with this evening gown, right out of The Ice Queen evening gowns collection . Necklines pull your evening gown together, especially one that flatters your body type. If you’ve up for this back neckline, it gives you an extra edge with the sheer nude mesh lining the base of the neckline. You can show off your personality with the glitter and shine, and draw your guests in with that deep back neckline without any unwanted peek-a-boos!

Unusual Wedding Gowns – #7 Oriental

This oriental evening gown is inspired by the traditional cheongsam cut and embroidery. But it also features bold new designs! It hugs your body shape like the cheongsam does, but challenges norms with the deep sweetheart neckline. It mimics the embroidered florals on a cheongsam, but the silver florals against a dark blue fabric now gives off a completely different vibe!

Unusual Wedding Gowns – #8 Vintage

Love being old school? This three-quarter sleeves and white lace designs resemble the hipster vintage dresses. Paired with the baby blue tulle skirt and daring neckline, this evening gown as a modern vintage piece.

Unusual Wedding Gowns – #9 Royal Surprise

Here’s another number for the vintage-loving bride! This wedding gown (right from the racks of our wedding gown collection) is surprising at every turn. First, the high collar is contrasted with the thick slit down the chest. Then, the typical bell sleeves of the 70s are replaced with soft, flowy fabric. Finally, the thin ribbon at the waistline flatters your shape and gives you more curves. This much charm reminds you of the royalties in the 1970s!

Unusual Wedding Gowns – #10 Mixer

What’s not to love about the off-shoulder and sweetheart neckline? The off-shoulder draws attention to your shoulders, framing your figure better; while the sweetheart neckline flatters your bust area, whether you’re more endowed or not. The wedding gown that remixes the two is one to look out for! What’s more, this wedding gown features three-dimensional floral trimmings, giving the wedding gown a more layered texture.

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