Top 6 Simple Classic Wedding Gowns For The Modern Bride

There are still brides who love intricate weavings and elaborate designs for their wedding gowns. However, more brides are looking for simple classic wedding gowns with designs that speak of the cosmopolitan lady you are.

If you’re the kind of bride who would opt for a sleek, clean cut design, here are the top six simple classic wedding gowns that still promise to turn heads.

Simple Classic Wedding Gowns #1 – The Sweet Kimono

This first classic wedding gown features sheer lace design that wraps from your shoulders into a V-neck. This stylish design draws attention to your collar bones and dips at your bust area, giving you an overall more feminine feel. The V-neck design is inspired by the Japanese kimono wrap design, making the whole look more interesting.

Simple Classic Wedding Gowns #2 – The Modern Day Cinderella

Here’s a twister to your clean white, classic wedding gowns! The cascading fabric gives your wedding gown structure and frames your figure. Especially for slender brides, this gown builds an hourglass shape by accentuating your waistline. At the same time, the natural softness of the fabric type creates a gentler feel. If you’re a successful career lady with a sweet personality, this wedding gown perfectly encapsulates your personality!

Simple Classic Wedding Gowns #3 – The Contemporary Oriental

What’s not to love about classic wedding gowns like this? The complex yet enthralling white embroidered florals is the perfect example of east meets west. The floral patterns have oriental undertones and the ivory colour brings the western-inspired side of the design. What’s more? The elaborate lace designs at the V-neck accentuates your figure, whether you’re more endowed or not. With the sheer nude mesh, you protect yourself against unwanted indecency as well!

Simple Classic Wedding Gowns #4 – The Dainty Girl-Next-Door

This whimsical wedding gown, with its silver beads lining the waist and light coating fabric, is for the brides who exudes natural beauty. These brides effortlessly draw attention to themselves and captivate others with a deeper personality within the physical beauty. Quite subtly, the wedding gown wraps itself and tightens at the waist, showing off your hourglass figure as well.

Simple Classic Wedding Gowns #5 – The Audrey Hepburn

Playful and flirty, if that’s you, this type of simple classic wedding gowns would surely bring out that your true colours! The wedding gown is smartly designed with the sheer tulle with a thicker fabric lining at the edges. This creates the light-hearted cascades that you see and also brings weight to the wedding gown – giving you an overall elegant look.

This is especially important if you’re strutting down a grand ballroom at the hotel. On top of that, the simple tube design at the top makes it easy for you to pair it with ribbons of any colours and designs. Get creative and add a twist to the Audrey Hepburn look!

Simple Classic Wedding Gowns #6 – The Garden Fairytale

Daydreaming of a garden-themed wedding? The baroque design at the top are inspired by grapevines and springing florals. Pair it with loose florals in your hair, you’d be beautifully complementing the petal-drizzled aisle and blooming floral arch. The classic simple design at the bottom blends into the quiet nature of green grass and blue sky stretched across.

So if you’re thinking that simple classic wedding gowns are boring, these six wedding gown designs would blow you away! In fact, these simple classic wedding gowns follow the minimalist trend and speaks to the contemporary bride.

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